Spiritual Biography of Dr Joseph D’Allende

Joseph was born at 15 Pine Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa of the parents Joe and Maud (nee Beech) de Allende on 1 August 1946.

He attended Holy Cross Primary and St. Agnes Secondary Schools.

After his Born Again experience in 1975 Joseph attended International Bible College under the astute tutorship of Dr. D.B. Coleman, Pastors Paul Seaberg, Hilda Olsen, Peggy Anderson and Eichorn (missionaries of The Assemblies of God USA). In 1978 Joseph graduated with a Diploma in Theology.  In 1994 he completed a Bachelor of Theology Degree. In 2001 a Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon him for his outstanding contribution for the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by The Asian Theological Association accredited ministry of Soul Winners Bible Seminary.

He completed a major apprenticeship as a carpenter with Murray and Roberts in Durban, South Africa.



Joseph was Born Again in 1975 at a Jimmy Swaggart campaign and received The Baptism into The Holy Spirit the same year. Immediately after his conversion Joseph became a member of The Open Door Assemblies of Greenwood Park, Durban  It was here that he came under the Apostolic Fivefold Ministry influence and to this day he ascribes his ministry being birthed under the apostolic anointing that permeated Open Door Assemblies under the astute apostolic leadership of Apostle Edwin Gray and the thriving ministries of Prophet Des Lottering, Evangelists Archie Kirsten and Alan Redman and Teachers Colin Ellis, Wally Small and Pastor Elaine Gray. Joseph served as a Sunday School Teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, Youth Leader and Deacon at Open Door Assemblies.

As the Open Door Assemblies movement grew and the membership thereof moved out into new areas, Joseph pioneered the Newlands East area, establishing a strong youth movement with several new families being added to The Church through his dedicated evangelical ministry.  In 1980 Apostle Edwin Gray together with his apostolic team established Open Door Assembly of Newlands East.

After serving faithfully in The Open Door Assemblies it was evident that the hand of the Lord rested upon Joseph as an emerging minister of the Gospel. The Lord Jesus Christ supernaturally created a Teaching post for Joseph at The International Assemblies of God Bible College in June 1980.  Joseph served there faithfully for three and half years.  Thereafter Joseph established Life Bible Training Centre of whom the renowned Durban Evangelist Derrick Fynn was the President.  By this time Joseph’s Teaching Ministry was much sought after and he was approached by Pastors Ezra and Peter Ward to set up Schools of Ministry in their respective Local Churches at Chatsworth and Newlands East.

In 1987 Pastor Jacobs, the Chairperson of The Apostolic Faith Mission, Gauteng Region approached Pastor Ronnie Naidoo, the principal of Apostolic Faith Mission Covenant Bible College requesting that Joseph become a part of their teaching team. Pastor Naidoo was delighted to grant the request.  In the year 2000 Dr. Ronnie Naidoo, led of the Lord felt the need to concentrate on his apostolic ministry.  With great blessing Dr. Ronnie Naidoo was released of his duties as principal to pursue his apostolic calling.  The Leadership of Apostolic Faith Mission Teaching Faculty then appointed Dr. Mathew Clark as principal and Joseph as deputy principal.  Joseph served diligently and faithfully in this capacity until he immigrated to New Zealand in May 2003.

From June 2008 until April 2012 Dr Joseph ministered in the Tongan Assemblies of God in New Zealand. He faithfully taught in two Schools of Ministries with Pastors Lenati and Sikalu. He also ministered at their Youth Conferences and Regional Seminars and Conferences.

Presently Dr Joseph is concentrating on his Website Ministry: “Calvary Apostolic Ministries”. He is of the persuasion that he is fulfilling The Great Commission of Matthew 28 through the Website Ministry.

Joseph was ordained in the International Assemblies of God in 1982 and in 1985 he was ordained in The Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa.

Joseph has had the honour and privilege preaching, conducting seminars and evangelical campaigns in the following countries: Australia, Bophutswana, Mauritius, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Swaziland and Tonga.

Joseph has had the honour and privilege of pioneering several Churches in the Durban area: Newlands East Open Door Assembly, Calvary Chapel (Phoenix) and Calvary Ministries (Chatsworth).

Pastoring several Local Churches was one of the several highlights of Joseph’s illustrious ministry. He pastored Calvary Chapel (Phoenix Durban), Havenside Apostolic Faith Mission, Newlands East Apostolic Faith Mission and co-pastored Calvary Ministries (Chatsworth Durban) with Pastor Jacob Isaac.

In The Local Churches that Joseph has pastored, he has by the grace of Almighty God raised up Ministers of the Gospel that have taken their Local Churches to a high level of spirituality.  Dedicated and anointed men:  Pastors Jacob Isaac, Senile Sooknundan, Lenny Moonsamy and Denny Madurai.

During the initial and ongoing reawakening of the apostolic and prophetical ministries Joseph played an integral role of transitioning several Local Churches from Democratic Governance to Apostolic Fivefold Ministry Governance.  Joseph has written countless constitutions enabling The Local Churches to make smooth transitions.

He is married to Dolores (nee Meghram), a Godly woman who has worked tirelessly to support her husband financially and spiritually in the ministry.  They have three married daughters: Yolanda, Evelyn Maud and Michelle, two handsome grandsons: Marc and Sean and two beautiful granddaughters: Kate and Anna.  Their son in laws are Kevin Choromanski, Lanier Covington and Darryl Flinn.

Over the years of ministry God has highly favoured Joseph with friends and mentors who have loved, counselled, corrected, rebuked, chastised and encouraged Joseph.  He has always highly esteemed his friends who have made an indelible positive spiritual mark on his ministry and he firmly believes that they have helped mould him into the servant of God that he is.  THEY HAVE COMPLIMENTED HIM TO COMPLETE HIM.

Pastor Jacob Isaac has over all the years been a true Son in The Lord, always encouraging and helpful in all ways possible.  In the early years Pastor Andy Lamb taught Joseph the rudiments and importance of prayer.  Pastor Sikalu has not only opened his pulpit but more so his heart and life.  He has been Joseph’s Barnabus in New Zealand.  Pastors Senile Sooknundan, Lenny Moonsamy, Denny Madurai and Rolf Donjeany have been true spiritual Sons in The Lord always honouring their spiritual father in The Lord. Doctors Ronnie Naidoo and Robert Munien’s encouragement will long be remembered.  Elder Robert Frank and his dear wife whose hospitality and friendship steered Joseph through and out of troubled waters.  Their endless hours sitting around God’s Word and encouraging each other has been a hallmark of their friendship.  Harvey and Geraldine March whose continual encouragement in all ways possible has over the years made it possible for Joseph to continue in the ministry in a full time capacity. Joseph’s brother in law, Percival Meghram has been a tower of strength throughout the many years, never ever doubting the call of God upon Joseph. Anthony Bowes, Denise Bowes, Mike Clarivette and Philli Clarivette often made Joseph’s itinerant ministry possible through their generous support. Willie and Dawn Phillips, Spike Abdurugman, Arthur Gray, Leon and Heather Naidoo, Vishal and Selena Jetnarayan, Mike , Cheryl and Sebastian Logan, Basil Smith, Lawrence Lalla, Dolly Chetty and Pastors Lazurus Govindsamy, Victor David, Paul Murugan, Amoona Noah, Neela  Naidoo’s, friendship has filled Joseph’s life with meaning and character, for much of their spiritual strengths have rubbed off onto Joseph, thus enhancing his ministry.

Joseph’s teachers and colleagues in the ministry have helped shape his ministry and often Joseph regards his ministry as an extension of theirs.  These men are: Dr. D.B. Coleman, Pastors Seaberg, Eichorn, Hilda Olsen, Peggy Anderson (Int. Assemblies of God), Doctors Nel, Moeller,  Clark and  Professor Hattingh (Auckland Park Theological Seminary) and Doctors Ronnie Naidoo,  Ashwin Govender, Pastors Andrew Govender, Elias Govender,  Gary and Veronica Leonard  and  Glenn Mathew (Covenant Bible College).

Joseph is an ardent cricket follower.  His favourite team is The South African Proteas.  Joseph favourite batsmen of all time are Graeme Pollock, Sachin Tendulkar, Brain Lara, Peter Kirsten, Gary Kirsten and Hansie Cronje.  His favourite bowlers of all time are Craig Mathews, Peter Pollock and Shane Warne.

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