It is the responsibility of every Born Again, Spirit Filled Christian to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In fact Evangelism is the heartbeat of the Church of Jesus Christ and therefore Calvary Apostolic Ministries by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Power of The Holy Spirit make a concerted and concentrated effort to furnish The Church with the necessary tools to publicize the glorious  Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our Preaching,Teaching and Evangelical videos are freely available for your personal use.  We encourage you to show these videos to your family, friends and Church members with the hope that many will accept Jesus Christ as their Personal Saviour and thus begin the experience of The Abundant Life and Eternal Life that Jesus Christ offers to all mankind through His efficacious death on The Cross of Calvary and His victorious Resurrection.

We would appreciate it if you furnish us with the names and the addresses of all those who accept Christ through our ministry as we would further like to encourage them in the ways of Almighty God.

Evangelism – Introduction

Evangelism – Part 1 – There Is Only One Way

Evangelism – Part 2 – The Good And The Bad Sides

Evangelism – Part 3
There Is Salvation For Mr Recluse, Mrs Disease and Miss Death

Evangelism – Part 4
It’s A Fearful Thing To Fall Into The Hands Of A Living God

Mephibosheth – Blowing Away Disgrace

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