As much as The Word of God emphasises The Doctrine of The Trinity the human mind fails desperately to grasp the enormity of the outstanding truth that God exists in Three Persons.  I am of the personal persuasion (subject to your judgment) that every Born Again Child of God needs some form of Revelation that will not only impart faith to accept The Doctrine of The Trinity but also impart a level of understanding that will strengthen the believers resolve not to be moved away from the validity of God existing in Three Persons.

When I say an impartation of Revelation is required, I am simply alluding to what is commonly termed ILLUMINATION in scholastic circles.  Illumination is commonly defined by scholars of The Word as REVELATION UPON REVELATION.  This ILLUMINATION is an act of The Holy Spirit imparting a level of understanding to the believer upon that which is beyond the comprehension of God (see John 16:13).   A simple way of explaining Illumination is The Divine Act of The Holy Spirit shedding light on The Word.  To illuminate is simply to shed light that there is a better view that all may be revealed.

My family and I had such an impartation of illumination concerning The Doctrine of The Trinity,  which no doubt embedded our firm belief and understanding of Truth imparted by The Holy Spirit.  I was in my first year at Bible College and when having our family devotions I would often share the teachings I received at Bible College.  However, what was alarming was the fact that my three daughters were very young and surely, what I was teaching them was often way beyond their comprehension.  I myself was grappling with The Doctrine of The Trinity and the logic of  teaching them on The Trinity was simply  out of this world. How could I teach them on a subject that I myself could not comprehend.  However, to my surprise and ultimate joy God The Holy Spirit convened The Bible Study.

My three daughters, Yolanda were 8 years old, Evelyn Maud 6 and Michelle 4 at the time I gave them the study.   When I recollect I cannot help but laugh — I WAS DEVELOPING MY MINISTRY ON MY CHILDREN — JUST SIMPLY CONFUSING THEM WITH DOCTRINE THAT WAS BEYOND MYSELF.

Recollecting now, I can picture beginning the study with great confidence and enthusiasm.  However as the teaching progressed I saw the confusion on their beautiful faces. My dear wife, Dolores had a blank stare.  I was simply making no headway in convincing them.  I went to the fridge, took out an egg, and explained the threefold make up of an egg.  I used the analogy of time– past, present and future.  I spoke how man is a threefold creation–body, soul and spirit.  All those analogies failed, the blank stares persisted.  I was about to close the study when suddenly Yolanda asked one of the most important questions I have ever been asked throughout my life.  “DADDY WHEN JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS WHY DID HE SAY MY GOD MY GOD WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME ONLY TWICE?

Tears flooded my eyes; I felt the joy of the Lord within my inner man. I began to worship The Lord aloud for I sensed that The Holy Spirit I had given Yolanda a Word of Wisdom.  If my memory serves me, right Yolanda and Evelyn Maud were already baptized into The Holy Spirit.  Her words were definitely of The Lord. As young as she was The Holy Spirit was leading us into truth via the mouth of a babe and suckling (see Psalm 8) and praise God Dolores and I were so proud of our children for as young as they were they were used of The Lord.  Evelyn Maud witnessed to her friends and adults and I will never forget how she led an adult named Bradley to The Lord.  Michelle (Frikkie) often laid hands on Dolores for healing.  Praise God Dolores and I saw Scripture fulfilled before our eyes –GOD WAS USING OUR CHILDREN IN THE MINISTRY AS YOUNG AS THEY WERE.  No wonder the Word teaches us not to despise the young.

I went to our bedroom, prayed in The Spirit for a short while, and gave the answer to Yolanda’s profound question.  I turned to Psalm 22 and read out aloud with great gusto:  “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring?”  I further turned to Isaiah 6:3 and Revelation 4:8:  ” And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.”   ” And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.”

To my amazement, the blank stares were gone. There was an eagerness glowing from their eyes.  The same Spirit of God that was giving me a Word of Revelation upon Revelation was upon them.  Each one of us was glowing with the presence of The Lord. I opened my mouth and Words of anointed truth flowed like a river.  Tears filled my eyes as I spoke with clarity and authority.

I said to my family that we are going to do some Arithmetic that will help us understand two vital truths and that being first and foremost that there is most definitely a Trinity and secondly Jesus is most definitely a part of The Trinity.  I asked them the question how many times Jesus mentioned “God” on The Cross.  Their answer was spontaneous and with one voice, they exclaimed vigorously: “TWICE”.  I asked them the next question: “How much is one plus one”?  They cried out TWO.  Then I asked them:  “In Isaiah how many times is the word Holy mentioned:  In unionism they shouted out with great gusto: “THREE.”  Then I asked them:  “How many times is the word “HOLY” mentioned in Revelation 4:8?  Their spontaneous answer:  “THREE”

I conveyed to them how I was by The Holy Spirit going to prove to them the existence of The Trinity.  However to do that convincingly I forewarned them I am first going to try and influence them that there is no Trinity.  Secondly, I was going to convince them be there The Trinity and that Jesus was not a part of The Trinity.  I further stated and I do believe by The Spirit that I was going to convince them and myself once and for all that there is beyond a shadow of doubt the existence of The Trinity and secondly that Jesus is a part of The Trinity.

Bear in mind it was my eldest daughter, Yolanda that asked why Jesus cried out twice “My God.”  I unknowingly at that point in time was already developing my Teaching ministry for if you consider as I now have realized I was using one of the laws of teaching when I began to give them an Arithmetic Lesson to convince them  of The Trinity.  I used The Law of Apperception, which simply means I took then from what they knew to that which they did not know.   They knew Jesus cried out twice on The Cross.  They knew the answer to one plus one.  They knew the answer of one plus one plus one.  What they did not know or fully comprehend was the validity of Trinity and that Jesus was a part of the Trinity.

I asked them by using Arithmetic to prove that there was a Trinity but that Jesus was not a part of The Trinity.  I encouraged them not to answer quickly but to think it through.  I also gave them an understanding of Isaiah 6 and Revelation 4.  I carefully took my time and mentioned how many times the word Holy was cried out.  I further said it was possible that the angels and the four beasts were crying out to The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit and that each One of them was Holy.

They thought for a moment and if my memory serves me right, it was Yolanda that gave the answer.  With great joy, she cried out:  “THREE TIMES DADDY.”  With great delight, I told her she was correct.

I then asked the question:  “How many times would Jesus cry out if there was no Trinity and Jesus was not a part of The Trinity?     My beautiful daughters took their time and if my memory serves me right it was Evelyn Maud that answered and that correctly:  “Only Once Daddy.”  I was over the moon.  Surely God had given me bright children, who had their Mom’s beautiful looks and their Father’s brains (ha ha ha).

Then the final question:  HOW MANY TIMES WOULD JESUS CRY OUT TO GOD BE THERE A TRINITY AND JESUS WAS A PART OF THE TRINITY?  Once again they though it through and Yolanda cried out:  “TWICE DADDY.”

If ever there was a grateful  Father, it was I.  I was astounded at the truthfulness of God’s Unadulterated Word:  “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightiest still the enemy and the avenger (Psalm 8:2).”

I was blessed for two apparent reasons.  First and foremost, before my very eyes God’s Word came to pass. Secondly, God chose my family to be used of God to bring His Word to pass before my very eyes.  I cannot conclude conveying this wonderful experience without acknowledging my dear wife, Dolores.  AS A GODLY MOTHER, SHE TAUGHT OUR THREE BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS THE WORD OF GOD.  SHE RAISED OUR CHILDREN ON THE BOOK OF PROVERBS.  SHE NEVER SENT THEM TO CHURCH.  SHE TOOK THEM TO CHURCH.  SHE WHEN NECESSARY CHASTISED THEM VERBALLY AND WITH THE ROD, (Dolores has a special stick, which she spanked the children with.  The name of the stick was UNCLE FELIX, whom the children detested ha ha ha).

From the depths of my inner being, I praise God for the wonderful experience my family and I had.  There is a lesson we can all glean from this outstanding experience and that being we must never forsake THE FAMILY ALTAR.  NOT ONLY DOES IT BOND A FAMILY AND THAT FOR ETERNITY, IT ALSO BONDS A FAMILY TO THE ETERNAL GODHEAD OF FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT FOR ETERNITY.

Perhaps it would be good to once again mention the important questions I asked my three daughters








I trust you see the wonder of The Word.  God even uses The Science of Arithmetic to help us understand the mystery of The Trinity.  I trust the experience my family had will help you and your family to have faith and some form of comprehension to believe that our God does exist in three persons and that being FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT.

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