Premarital Counselling

God, our Creator and Saviour has instituted Marriage for the express purpose that the two genders of male and female become ONE just as The Father, The Son of God and The Holy Spirit are ONE.  This witness of ONENESS is the most powerful analogy of The Triune Godhead, The Three in One on the face of the earth.  Husband and Wife through the sanctity of Holy Wedlock become ONE.  NO wonder Satan and his demonic horde and earthly agents take every concerted effort to destroy the sanctity of Marriage.  As never before DIVORCE is on the increase in Christian circles.

It is the persuasion of Calvary Apostolic Ministries that the strength of The Christian Church has its roots in The Christian Home. Be it that The Christian Home is divided then surely The Christian Church will be divided.

These videos on Premarital Counselling is the God ordained means that Calvary Apostolic Ministries believe will help stop this terrible onslaught of evil against Christian Marriages. It is said that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE and that is why Calvary Apostolic Ministries concentrates on PREMARITAL COUNSELLING.  It is our belief that PREMARITAL COUNSELLING will help prepare husband and wife against the pitfalls that Satan will bring against Christian Marriages.   Calvary Apostolic Ministries makes freely available these God ordained teachings on PREMARITAL COUNSELLING.  All we ask of you is to inform us of who has listened to the entire teaching that we may keep them in our prayers.  Please be kind enough to furnish all their particulars that we may correspond with them.

It is advised that to fully comprehend the Sanctity of Marriage that the videos on The Abrahamic Covenant  be viewed as well.









Marriage – Part 1

Marriage – Part 2

Marriage – Part 3

Marriage – Part 4 – Friendship

Marriage – Part 5

Marriage – Part 6 – The Sanctified Areas Of The Home In Marriage

Marriage – Part 7 – Respect

Marriage – Part 8 – Prophetical Declarations Of Intent For A Blessed Marriage

Marriage – Part 9 – Is Sex For All

Marriage – Part 10 – Sex In Marriage

Marriage – Part 11 – Suggestions For Good Marital Sex

Marriage – Part 12 – The Role Of The Husband In The Christian Marriage

Marriage – Part 13 – The Role Of The Wife In The Christian Marriage

Marriage – Part 14 – The Priest Of The Home

Marriage – Part 15 – Raising A Christian Family

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